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IDnumber Title Author Publisher PubYr Price Description
124 The Risk of Loving Joseph Simons & Jeanne Reidy Herder & Herder NY, NY 1968 $2.00 This 144 -page, paperback is in good condition.Carl Rogers quote about this book:
“This book will speak to every emotionally sensitive should add greatly to the richness of any close relationship.”
125 Listen to Love Reflections on the Seasons of the Year Louis M. Savary SJ, et al Regina Press NY 1969 $3.00 This 192-page paperback book of photographs, poems and readings is in very good condition. It has extensive quotes from famous people reflecting on life, love, God and this world.
126 Encounters Collection Houghton Mifflin Co. NY, Boston, LA 1970 $2.00 This 113-page paperback book of readings is in good condition.
It is a part of a Houghton Mifflin Action Series- a Reading Program with classic pieces from Wm. Saroyan, Landston Hughes, Robert Frost, Emily Dickenson, James Thurber, etc.
127 Peace-ing It Together Grades 5-9 Pat Fellers Winston Press Hagerstown, MD 1981 $5.00 This 137-page paperback book of ideas and activities is in very good condition. It has 55 reproducible, classroom tested activities for Peace Education.
128 Designs in Affective Education Elizabeth W. Flynn & John F. LaFaso Paulist Press NY/Paramus, NJ
$6.00 This 358-page paperback book is a teacher resource program for Junior and Senior High. It is in very good condition. Includes 126 Teaching Strategies in a recipe-like format. Themes: Communication, Freedom. Peace, Love, Valuing, Prejudice, Family, Ecology, Meditation and many more.
131 Life in the Modern World Mark Link, SJ Loyola University Press Chicago, IL 1969 $3.00 This 276 -page paperback book is in good condition.
140 To the Youth of the World Apostolic Letter (March 31,1985) Pope John Paul II U.S. Catholic Conference (Washington, DC) 1985 $2.00 This 64 -page paperback classic is a parish resource for Catholics, Youth Ministers; Teachers, Catechists and Pastoral Ministers .It is in good condition.
272 Love Mary Jan & Lawrence Losoncy Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, IN 1970 $2.00 Paperback-142 pages; good condition.
273 The Real Thing Richard Reichert Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, IN 1972 $2.00 This142- page paperback is in good condition.
306 Catechesis: Realities & Visions a Symposium on Catechesis of Children & Youth Berard L Marthaler & Marianne Sawicki (editors) USCC Washington, DC 1977 $2.00 This 194- page large format paperback is in good condition.

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