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Title Author Publisher PubYr Price Description
The Lover and the Beloved A Franciscan Way of Prayer John Michael Talbot Crossroad, NY 1985 $4.00 Paperback, 123 pages; condition like new.
The Desert is Fertile Dom Helder Camara Orbis Maryknoll, NY 1974 $4.00 This 61-page hard cover (w/jacket) is in good condition. Previous owner’s name is on opposite page of the hard cover with a small tear. The page is othewise a blank one.
Francis: a Saint We Share a Discussion Guide for Lutherans & Catholics Gail Ramshaw Schmidt Paulist Press Ramsey, NY 1982 $3.00 This 94-page, paper back is in “Like new” condition.
I, Francis Carlo Carretto Orbis Maryknoll, NY 1982 (Eng) $6.00 This 124-page hard cover book (w/jacket) and is in “like new”condition.
I, Francis Carlo Carretto Orbis Maryknoll, NY 1982 (Eng) $4.00 This 124-page paper back book is in good condition.
St. Francis of Assisi (a Biography) Johannes Jorgenson Doubleday & Company Garden City, NY 1969 $3.00 This 354-page, Image Book, paperback is in good condition.

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