The Celebrating the Saints MasterSet Series

Celebrations help us to remember, to be proud, to be aware of what it is to be human. They assist us in reaching out to the divine. Celebrations touch the untouchable; help us “dream the impossible dream;” they replenish and renew us. Teachers and catechists are called both to celebrate and to teach others to celebrate. Celebration is taught mostly through experiences shared by teachers, catechists, students and members of the community of faith. It is a part of our life in community, our families and friends, parishioners, students, neighbors and all people who share life in this time and place with us.

Celebrate the call to be holy, the call to be Saints.

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Celebrating the Saints SET 1

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Set 1 Includes:
• A Call to Sanctity
• List of Saints Reference
• A Guided Meditation on the Beatitudes
• Apostles
• American Saints
• Saints Hall of Fame
• Ideas for Making Simple Costumes
• Cavalcade of Stars

• All Saints Survey Sheet.

Celebrating the Saints SET 2

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Set 2 Includes:
Blessed Are You Prayer
• Saints Names and Variations
• Guided Meditation: On Becoming A Saint
• Saints Who Lived in the Time of Jesus
• Peter the Apostle, Elizabeth, John the Baptist
• Saints of the Early Church
• Ambrose, Augustine, Scholastica, Jerome
• Saints from Around the World

• Dominic, Anthony, Catherine, Joan of Arc.

Celebrating the Saints SET 3

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Set 3 Includes:
• Patron Saints Reference List
• A Guided Meditation: Happy Are You
• Happiness Is
• Saints Who Lived in the Time of Jesus
• Thomas, Andrew, Philip, James
• Martyrs: Stephen, Agnes, Paul Miki, Maximilian
• Doctors of the Church: Aquinas, Bernard, Francis de Sales

• The Road to Sanctity Gameboard

• Calendar of Saints.

Celebrating the Saints SET 4

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Set 4 Includes:
• An Ancient Prayer for Holiness
• Patrons and Patronesses from Around the World
• Guided Meditation: Reflections of the Saints
• Thomas More
• Teresa of Avila
• John of the Cross
• John Vianney, Cure d'Ars
• Maria Goretti

• New World Saints Bingo.

Celebrating the Saints SET 5

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Set 5 Includes:
• A simple Litany of the Saints
• Patron Saint List
• Joining the Communion of Saints
• Brief Biographies
• Isidore the Farmer
• John Baptist de LaSalle
• Andrew Kim Taegon
• Padre Pio

• Juan Diego

• Communion of Saints paper Chain.

Celebrating the Saints SET 6

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Set 6 Includes:
God of Life (Prayer of St. Augustine)
• Letter and Announcement to Recruit Volunteers
• Facts and Stories about Saints
• Praying with the Saints
• Celtic Cross Symmetrical
• Praises of Divine Mercy (Sr. Faustina)
• St. Josephine Bakhita
• St. Joseph Cupertino

• Brief Biographies.

• Saintly Vocabulary

• Saints Bingo

• Who Am I?

The Saints' Alphabet MasterSet


  • Primary, elementary grades
  • Use at any time, especially for Halloween and All Saints’ Day
  • Religious education, language arts and art
  • Classroom decorations.

• Suggestions for use
• A take-home alphabet booklet
• All Saints’ Pageant (suitable for assembly)
• A master sheet for each letter.

Set Includes:
A Saint for each letter of the alphabet.

  • A: Angela
  • B: Barbara
  • C: Cecilia
  • D: Dominic Saviuo
  • E: Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
  • etc.
  • U: Ursula
  • V: Vincent de Paul
  • W: Wenceslaus
  • X: Xavier, Francis

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