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RCIA Notes on Catholicism

The RCIA Notes are designed for coordinators and catechists to personalize

and customize materials used in the RCIA based on the needs of the participants.

These reproducible Master Sets are available as Set 1 to Set 6.

Set 6 contains an index for easy reference of all topics included in all six sets.

RCIA Notes Set 1

Some Set 1 Topics Include:
Sacraments in general
Easter Vigil
Holy Eucharist
Holy Spirit

RCIA Notes Set 2

Some Set 2 Topics Include:
 Forgiveness and Sin
Holy Orders
Anointing of the Sick
Precepts of the Church

RCIA Notes Set 3

Some Set 3 Topics Include:
Roman Catholic Church
 Missionary Work of the Church
Communion of Saints
Papal Infallibility
Visiting a Catholic Church
Patron Saints
Stations of the Cross.

RCIA Notes Set 4

Some Set 4 Topics Include:
Commitment to Service
Catholic Social Doctrine
Birth Control
About Mary
Divorce and Separation
Catholic Teachings on Sexuality

Interfaith Marriage .

RCIA Notes Set 5

Some Set 5 Topics Includes:
Altar Servers
Catholic Schools
Eucharistic Ministers
History of Retreats
Lectors Ushers
Liturgical Ministries
Parish Ministries
Parish Council
Parish Religious Ed
Social Ministries

RCIA Notes Set 6

Some Set 6 Topics Includes:
Index of all topics in Sets 1 to 6
Christian Virtue
Marriage Encounter
Mary in the Gospels
Pastoral Letters
Scripture Readings
Works of Mercy

RCIA Coordinator & RCIA Candidate MasterSets

The RCIA  MasterSets are designed for coordinators to communicate with Candidates and Team Members.

EACH SET: Ready-to-duplicate or custom design, mix and match, black line Master Sheets.

RCIA Candidate MasterSet (handouts and handbook for candidates)

RCIA Coordinator MasterSet (resources for administering RCIA process and preparing team).

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The RCIA Coordinator & Candidate MasterSets

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The RCIA Lenten Faith-Journal MasterSet

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The RCIA Day Master Set

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Keeping In Touch with RCIA (KITs 1&2)

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RCIA Notes on Catholicism (Sets 1-6)

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Gathering Prayers for RCIA Groups

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PrimeTime Prayers for RCIA Groups

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The Light of Faith: Journal of Good News

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