Learning About The Sacraments

This Master Set offers a variety of materials that focus on fostering a greater understanding of the Seven Sacraments among young Catholics. This double Master Set has resources for elementary and junior high level students, covering a broad age range and interest levels.

• Symbols of the Seven Sacraments
• Catholic Church teachings about Sacraments
• Baptism water, words, and rituals
• Pentecost: The First Confirmation
• Passover and Eucharistic symbols
• Last Supper and First Eucharist
• Bread of Life Mural, Sacrament of Healing
• Reconciliation terms, rites, and dramatization
• Sacraments of Vocation: Matrimony, Holy Orders
• Glossary of Terms, puzzles and tests.
• A wide age and interest range
• Classroom projects
• Activity sheets
• Group activities
• A Sacraments' booklet

Complete Double Master Set $29.95

Sample pages from the 55 page Double Master Set (each page is 8.5 by 11 inches)

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Learning About Sacraments

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