The Jesus Pin

Actual size is approx 3/4 inch square.

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Excellent gift for:

All Christians
Teachers and Catechists
Beginning of the year
Ministers of Hospitality
Hospital Ministers
Youth Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers
Social Action Groups
The ICHTHUS or fish is an early Christian symbol created by using the Greek letters which spell out "Jesus CHrist God's Son Savior." The ichthus symbol is on a globe of heaven and earth, sea and sky. Jesus is Life and spiritual food for all who would receive Him.
Quantity Discount Rates
Unit price
single pin
$3.25 ea.
5 to 10
$2.75 ea.
11 to 25
$2.40 ea.
26 to 50
$2.20 ea.
51 or more
$1.95 ea.

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