About Catechetical Sunday

The history, purpose, meaning, and celebration of Catechetical Sunday is summarized in the USCCB website, About Catechetical Sunday. For 40 years, the USCCB has promoted the importance of the Church's teaching ministry and aided parishes in honoring those who serve as catechists. Each year, the bishops set a theme intended to be inclusive of the whole community of faith, reminding all baptized persons of their role in witnessing the Gospel.


Why Celebrate Catechetical Sunday?

The US bishops have designated the third Sunday of September as Catechetical Sunday. This date coinsides with the renewing of programs in many parishes as summer ends. The theme set for the Sunday can become a guiding force for the catechetical, educational, and celebratory programs for the total parish throughout the liturgical seasons of the year.


What Does "Catechetical" Mean?

Though we are most familiar with the word "catechism" being associated with a book of questions and answers, its root meaning is much broader. It means "to echo, to ring out, to resound." It means to acknowledge, restate, and live out the gift of faith entrusted to us.


Why Is There a Special Sunday?

This Sunday makes clear that the catechetical ministry is special, with a profound dignity and importance; a ministry which carries a serious responsibility in sharing the faith with clarity and compassion.


Who Is Recognized on Catechetical Sunday?

The formal commissioning which takes place on Catechetical Sunday in parishes around the country, while it may name and focus on those who formally commit as catechists, at the same time it highlights the special role of parents, grandparents, and other elders to make Catholic homes become places where the young may grow in wisdom, age, and grace.


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